Sustainable sterling silver jewelry

recycled - handmade


SPirit of vera uses 100% recycled sterling silver or 14k gold.

We partner with refineries in Canada and the US, who extract metals from post consumer goods such as jewelry, cutlery and e-waste, which includes electronics, appliances, photography equipment, x-ray machines, computer chips, cell phones, security tags and more.

The silver and gold is recycled in a rigorously regulated, and health and safety compliant environments. It is extracted in its pure form using a pressurized chamber and the application of heat, in various increments. The precious metals are reclaimed along with some plastics, glass, silicone and more.

The Sterling silver is reconstituted with 93.75% Silver, a higher rate than conventional silver. It is also mixed with germanium, which prevents fire-stain and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals during soldering for the prevention of fire stain. It is also very resistant to tarnishing generally.

Neither the silver or gold have nickel in their alloys.

The labels, business cards and warranty cards are also made of recycled materials.


IS hypoallergenic

IS Nickel free

DOES NOT stain the skin

IS tarnish resistant 

CAN be worn daily: in water, exposed to sunlight, while you sleep

IS NOT Silver plated or filled (So will last for years)

All of our pieces come with a lifetime warranty. If the piece breaks, it is repaired for free!