The silver is recycled (in an environmentally responsible way) from post consumer goods (such as electronics, appliances, photography equipment, security tags, car parts, silverware and jewelry). 

We source our silver from secondary refiners, who source their scrap metal from thousands of sources! 

The refineries have reduced their energy consumption by 33% in the last decade and implement sustainable smelting practices, such as eliminating toxic solvents from the cleaning process.

There is absolutely ZERO Nickel, cadmium or LEAD in any of the silver.

There is absolutely no runoff or CO2 production during the recycling process.

On top of the sustainable sourcing, the business is committed to sustainability. The pieces are soldered, annealed and work hardened for durability and come with a lifetime warranty. If the piece breaks, it will be repaired for free!

The labels, business cards and warranty cards are also made of recycled materials.

Warranty procedure

Please reach out to or fill out the form below with details concerning the piece. Please include the following information: the type of repair needed, return address and contact information. 

Wait times vary, but please expect a 2-4 week period for return. 


All pieces come with a lifetime warranty. The piece will be repaired for free. If the piece cannot be perfectly repaired a small fee may be levied to replace the missing or irreparable parts. The corresponding costs are as follows:

Replace short chain, including chain ends (up to 44 cm long): 11$

Replace long chain, without chain ends: 11 $



Body Jewelry: ALWAYS FREE


broken piece? 

Send it over for a quick fix!

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